About Us
Pine Hill Stables, which was founded in 1991, is located between Tioga Downs and
Batavia Downs in the small town of North Cohocton, New York.  Easily visible from
Rte. 371, the farm is a 100 acre family owned and operated, full-service standardbred
breeding nursery.  We purchase only the finest timothy hay and our feeds are mixed
according to our specifications. All feeds and pasture are tested routinely for nutritional
content allowing us to optimize growth, performance and health.  We provide excellent
veterinary care for all our residents with 24/7/365 emergency care available.  
Dr. Bonny
is the Attending Veterinarian and oversees the reproductive management of
the broodmares, neonatal care of all newborns and general herd health management.  Dr.
Henderson works in concert with our consulting theriogenologist on specialized
reproductive procedures and high-risk pregnancies.  
George Miller, with over 30 years
of experience in the standardbred breeding industry, is General Manager and personally
oversees the day-to-day operations of the farm.    

Our goals are simple: To produce a small, select and athletic group of yearlings raised
to compete with the best of New York State; to serve as a premier breeding and foaling
facility for many nationally renowned breeders with interests in New York stallion
syndicates and to maintain one of the highest conception rates among our peers.  We offer
specialized reproductive management; including management for problem mares, high
risk pregnancy, geriatric mares; and specialized reproductive procedures such as embryo
transfer.   Our clients stock is not lost in the crowd nor are they a number; they are one of
our own.  Here our focus is on individualized care and attention for every resident.     
George K Miller                         
George K. Miller                                                              General Manager

Bonny R. Henderson, DVM                                              Attending Veterinarian

Christine M. Schweizer, DVM, Dipl. ACT                         Consulting Theriogenologist

Terry Herrington                                                               Attending Farrier       
Caviar Crown 3, 1:53.1f $203,860
(SJ's Caviar-Sharon Crown-Speedy Crown)
World-Champion on a Five Eighths Mile 2009