Farm Services

Pine Hill Stables can breed your mare to a stallion from another farm, within New York
State and beyond.  To coordinate this, Pine Hill Stables will need the name of the stallion
and the farm that the stallion is located.  Pine Hill Stables can work as agent for you to
complete booking documents with the stallion's farm.  The mare owner is responsible for
all fees associated with the shipment and insemination of semen.
Pine Hill Stables requires the following of all boarding horses:
- 24 hours notice of arrival or departure
- A signed boarding agreement
- A current negative coggins test by AGID
All broodmares receive superior reproductive management.  
Teasing is performed daily to chart heat cycles and
ultrasound and/or palpation by the farm Veterinarian is
performed to monitor ovarian activity and/or fetal
development.  Cool shipped semen received is evaluated for
total sperm number (TSN) and progressive motility at
All foalings are attended and stages of labor
monitored by closed-circuit TV cameras
All bills are expected to be paid before departure. Rates subject to change at any time with notice.

Schedule of Rates
Effective July 1, 2012

$14/day Year Round Broodmare Management
$18/day Seasonal Breeding Management Only
$4/day Foal Watch/Barren Lights Program

$4/day until weaning (late September)



Racehorse Turnout
$20/day (avail. limited)

Routine Foaling Fee
Year Around Mares $350
Seasonal Mares $500

Trucking Services
Please call for details & availability.
Emergency transport is always available.